Computational Thinking


I was formerly the course coordinator for COR-IS1702 Computational Thinking (also known as IS103) and taught the course for eight years (2012 -- 2019). The course is part of the Core Curriculum of Singapore Management University (SMU) and is offered by the School of Information Systems (SIS). Open to all undergraduates of any major at SMU, it is mandated for BSc (Information Systems) students.

For an overview of the course, check out the following introduction slides that we used in the first week.



We maintain a playlist of lesson videos on YouTube for review by students. If you wish to get notified when a new video appears, subscribe to the channel.

For the data structure topics, we develop our own original materials modeled on the tutorial exercises of Explorations in Computing by John S. Conery.

So the Last shall be First, and the First Last discusses linear data structures such as stacks, queues, and priority queues.

Good Things Come in Pairs describes hierarchical data structures such as binary trees and binary search trees.

It's a Small World After All introduces non-linear data structures such as graphs, and several graph algorithms such as shortest-path and topological sort.

These materials are shared through the links below for educational uses, provided proper acknowledgments are made where appropriate.

Teaching Team over the Years

AY2019/2020 Term 1, Switch by Timbre X
(backrow: Ker Wei Xiang, Arunesh Sinha, Mokkie Mok, Wa Thone, Leandra Faith Lee, Teng Hao,
frontrow: Ambrose Tan, Daniel Lin, Hady Lauw, Hoang Le, Lim Jia Peng)

AY2018/2019 Term 1, Sultan De Casablanca @ Kampong Glam
(clockwise: Mokkie Mok, Trong Le, Toh Zi Jie, Hady Lauw, Ker Wei Xiang, Dion Ang Wei Xuan)

AY2017/2018 Term 1, Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous
(clockwise: Peh Jing Yuan (foreground), Maksim Tkachenko, Andrew Le, Trong Le, Mokkie Mok, Hansel Lee, Darryl Ong, Hady Lauw, Marcus Lee)

AY2016/2017 Term 1, Buffet Town at Raffles City
(clockwise: Tuan Le, Maksim Tkachenko, Mokkie Mok, Mervyn Lee Weng Ho, Lee Qixian, Chuan Dewei, Tan Yong Jin, Hady Lauw, Trong Nguyen)

AY2015/2016 Term 1, 1 Market by Chef Wan at Plaza Singapura
(clockwise: Zac Ler Ze Chen, Hady Lauw, Son Nguyen, Tuan Le, Loo Quanxiang, Wang Tiantong, Ngo Kee Kai, Mokkie Mok)

AY2014/2015 Term 1
Hady Lauw, Mokkie Mok, Tuan Le, Heng U San, Damien Ng Xuan Wei, Mohamed Safiullah

AY2013/2014 Term 1
Hady Lauw, Mokkie Mok, Hoang Tuan Anh, Chan Weitian, Lai Xin Chu, Seah Siu Ngee

AY2012/2013 Term 1
Hady Lauw, Mokkie Mok, Yosin Anggusti, Lai Xin Chu