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26 May 2023 -- Research@SMU: Corporate Video

Research@SMU: Corporate Video

In this video, SMU's Vice Provost of Research Professor Archan MISRA provides an overview of SMU's Research based on three multi-disciplinary Strategic Priorities (SPs) - Sustainable Living, Digital Transformation and Growth in Asia. The following faculty also share about the excellent research work they have done under each SP:
1. Sustainable Living - Professor Paulin Tay STRAUGHAN on Successful Ageing;
2. Digital Transformation - Associate Professor Hady LAUW on Recommender Systems; and
3. Growth in Asia - Professor Nadja ALEXANDER on International Dispute Resolution.

18 Nov 2021 -- Next Move by SMU Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Decoding What It Takes to Commercialise Your Research

“Seeing our research efforts translate to useful things is a gratifying experience,” said Associate Professor Hady Lauw, Associate Professor of Computer Science at SMU School of Computing and Information Systems, also co-founder of ThriftCity, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled platform that will benefit arbitrage-based businesses through the assessment of price differences in the global e-commerce marketplace.

11 Nov 2021 -- Research@SMU

Research improves the accuracy and interpretability of predicted recommendations

SMU Associate Professor Hady Lauw’s NRF Fellowship research produces publications, software programmes, and commercialisation of technologies.

5 Nov 2021 -- NRF Magazine on RIE News: Developing a Trusted Digital Innovation Hub

Shopping Lies in the AI of the Beholder

Associate Professor Hady Lauw from the Singapore Management University explains how the ThriftCity framework makes sense of the multitude of products across different e-commerce platforms, providing consumers with the best offer.

20 Feb 2020 -- Research@SMU

A mobile app to settle group meal wrangles

FoodRecce was part of Ong’s pursuit in his final year as an undergraduate, a guided research project done over two terms. The project was supervised by SMU Associate Professor of Information Systems Hady Lauw, who also heads up Preferred.AI.

7 Feb 2020 -- The SMU Blog

Important Life Skills You Can Learn From Coding and Why Should Get Literate Even If You Aren’t a Techie

“Asking how coding has benefited people who aren’t pursuing a career in programming is like asking how writing has benefited those who aren’t angling to be a journalist, to offer an imperfect analogy,” says Hady Lauw, Associate Professor at Singapore Management University’s (SMU) School of Information Systems. .... In fact, Assoc Prof Lauw, who is also the Director for the BSc Computer Science programme at SMU, believes in the universal relevance of ‘computational thinking’.

10 Jul 2019 -- TODAY

Coding enrichment classes for all upper primary school students from next year

Associate Professor Hady Lauw from the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University said through coding, students could pick up problem-solving skills, learning how to think and come up with “logical, thorough” solutions.

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18 Feb 2018 -- Channel News Asia

Commentary: The hidden value of learning how to code

Coding is fast gaining popularity as one of the key enrichment activities parents send their kids for. An expert from the Singapore Management University discusses the value of coding in a child’s learning journey.

August 2016 -- SMU Engage Newsletter

Pushing new research frontiers

Teaching and research go hand in hand at SMU.  For these faculty members who recently received external funding for their respective research projects, exciting breakthroughs lie ahead.

20 May 2016 -- SMU News

Gaining insights into consumer preferences from large-scale data sets

Assistant Professor Hady Lauw from the SMU School of Information Systems (SIS) has been recognised for his research progress to date and high future potential with the award of the prestigious Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship. He is the first SMU faculty member to receive the award.

13 May 2016 -- The Straits Times

A data miner in search of the common link

SMU don says tracking a person's online behaviour will help predict his future needs.

5 Nov 2015 -- Research@SMU

Studying the differences in similarities

For Assistant Professor Hady Wirawan Lauw, data mining is not just about numbers; It is premised on human behaviour, and the multitude of decisions that we make every day.

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