This page contains links to current members of our research group, as well as alumni.  To follow our group's recent activities, go to our group homepage at http://Preferred.AI.

Principal Investigator

Current Members (alphabetical)
  • Nguyen Thanh Son (PhD'18),
    Scientist, A*STAR AI Programme
  • Do Ha Loc (PhD'17),
    Postdoc, University of Hong Kong (HKU), then Algorithm Engineer, Alibaba
  • Nguyen Tiep Trong (MPhil'17),
    Machine Learning Engineer, ReFUEL4
  • Le Van Minh Tuan (PhD'17),
    Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), then Visiting Assistant Professor, Oakland University (OU)

July 2018, Group & Alumni Lunch with Sitta Tumpeng N Such

(From left: Zhang Ce, Trong Le, Tuan Truong, Andrew, Ly, Jingyao, Hoang, Hady, Chong Cher, Loc, Aghiles, Maksim, Ween Jiann, Trong Nguyen, Son)

May 2018, TungLok XiHe Peking Duck at Orchard Central

(Clockwise from foreground: Jingyao, Ly, Maksim, Son, Aghiles, Hady, Tuan, Ween Jiann, Andrew, Chong Cher, Hoang, Trong)

October 2017, Dim Sum at Wan Dou Sek

(Clockwise: Aghiles, Maksim, Jingyao, Tuan, Ween Jiann, Chong Cher, Andrew, Hady, Son, Trong)

October 2017, Archery Tag at Kovan

(From left: Trong, Son, Jingyao, Hady, Tuan, Maksim, Ween Jiann, Aghiles, Andrew)

July 2017, The Rice Table at International Building

(Clockwise: Chong Cher, Maksim, Hady, Dung, Ween Jiann, Trong L., Tuan L., Trong N., Loc, Aghiles)

May 2017, B3 - Burger Beer Bistro by SMUAA

(Clockwise: Maksim, Tuan T., Tuan L., Trong L., Hady, Loc, Dung)

December 2016, Saizeriya at The Cathay

(Clockwise: Tuan L., Dung, Hady, Trong L., Maksim, Tuan T., Hao, Loc, Trong N.)

December 2016, MegaZip Adventure Park at Sentosa

(standing from left: Tuan T., Trong L., Hady, Hao, Dung, Maksim)

June 2016, Katapult Trampoline Park at Orto

(standing from left: Son, Trong L., Dung, Maksim, Hady, Tuan,
 squatting: Loc)

June 2016, Mookata at Orto

(clockwise from left: Hady, Tuan, Loc, Dung, Trong L., Maksim, Son)

October 2015, LaserOPS at Dhoby Ghaut

(standing from left: Son, Trong N., Giang, Dung, Hady, Maksim, Tuan, Trong L,
 squatting: Loc)

April 2015, Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park

(from left: Tuan, Trong N., Trong L., Hady, Son, Dung, Maksim)

October 2014, Ice Skating at JCube

(from left: Son, Maksim, Hady, Trong L., Tuan, Trong N.)

April 2014, Paintball at Bottle Tree Park

(from left: Maksim, Son, Hady, Tuan, Trong N., Loc)

December 2013, Seoul Garden at Marina Square

(from left, clockwise: Loc, Hady, Maksim, Thuy (Tuan's wife), Tuan, Trong N., Son)

March 2013, Hog's Breath Cafe at Chijmes

(from left, clockwise: Loc, Son, Tuan, Hady)