SMU Web Mining Group

Principal Investigator

Current Members (alphabetical)
  • Nguyen Thanh Son PhD'18
  • Do Ha Loc PhD'17,
    then Postdoc at University of Hong Kong (HKU),
    then Algorithm Engineer at Alibaba
  • Le Van Minh Tuan PhD'17,
    then Postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
  • Nguyen Tiep Trong MSc'17,
    then Data Scientist at ReFUEL4

October 2017, Dim Sum at Wan Dou Sek

(Clockwise: Aghiles, Maksim, Jingyao, Tuan, Ween Jiann, Chong Cher, Andrew, Hady, Son, Trong)

October 2017, Archery Tag at Kovan

(From left: Trong, Son, Jingyao, Hady, Tuan, Maksim, Ween Jiann, Aghiles, Andrew)

July 2017, The Rice Table at International Building

(Clockwise: Chong Cher, Maksim, Hady, Dung, Ween Jiann, Trong L., Tuan L., Trong N., Loc, Aghiles)

May 2017, B3 - Burger Beer Bistro by SMUAA

(Clockwise: Maksim, Tuan T., Tuan L., Trong L., Hady, Loc, Dung)

December 2016, Saizeriya at The Cathay

(Clockwise: Tuan L., Dung, Hady, Trong L., Maksim, Tuan T., Hao, Loc, Trong N.)

December 2016, MegaZip Adventure Park at Sentosa

(standing from left: Tuan T., Trong L., Hady, Hao, Dung, Maksim)

June 2016, Katapult Trampoline Park at Orto

(standing from left: Son, Trong L., Dung, Maksim, Hady, Tuan,
 squatting: Loc)

June 2016, Mookata at Orto

(clockwise from left: Hady, Tuan, Loc, Dung, Trong L., Maksim, Son)

October 2015, LaserOPS at Dhoby Ghaut

(standing from left: Son, Trong N., Giang, Dung, Hady, Maksim, Tuan, Trong L,
 squatting: Loc)

April 2015, Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park

(from left: Tuan, Trong N., Trong L., Hady, Son, Dung, Maksim)

October 2014, Ice Skating at JCube

(from left: Son, Maksim, Hady, Trong L., Tuan, Trong N.)

April 2014, Paintball at Bottle Tree Park

(from left: Maksim, Son, Hady, Tuan, Trong N., Loc)

December 2013, Seoul Garden at Marina Square

(from left, clockwise: Loc, Hady, Maksim, Thuy (Tuan's wife), Tuan, Trong N., Son)

March 2013, Hog's Breath Cafe at Chijmes

(from left, clockwise: Loc, Son, Tuan, Hady)