Hady W. Lauw
Singapore Management University
Associate Professor 
of Information Systems
Director, BSc (Computer Science) Programme
National Research Foundation Fellow

Email: hadywlauw@smu.edu.sg

Research Interests:

  • Web search and mining
  • Preference analytics and recommender systems
  • Dimensionality reduction and visual analytics


  • We are hiring Research Fellows (Postdocs) and Research Engineers/Research Assistants.
  • If you are interested in working with me in our PhD program, drop me an email.
  • If you are an undergraduate of any school at SMU, consider taking Computational Thinking.
  • If you are finishing high school or polytechnic, consider apply to our Computer Science programme.
2018-10-11: Visited Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 
2018-10-08: Our group Preferred.AI concluded a week-long data science enrichment course "Web Data Extraction & Regression Analysis" to a group of bright poly students enrolled in the iPREP and iPOLY programs. Blog post on https://preferred.ai/venom-regression-iprep/ 
2018-10-05: Our tutorial "Recent Advances in Scalable Retrieval of Personalized Recommendations" is accepted for presentation at AAAI-19. 
2018-09-17: Congratulations to my PhD student Tuan Truong on becoming an Intel Student Ambassador. 
2018-08-07: Paper accepted at CIKM’18, titled “Multiperspective Graph-Theoretic Similarity Measure”. 
2018-07-27: Organized the 1st Singapore ACM SIGKDD Symposium, a gathering of data science thought leaders in Singapore. Blog post on https://kdd.sg/2018/07/28/1st-singapore-acm-sigkdd-symposium/ 
2018-07-17: Attended IJCAI-18 in Stockholm, Sweden. Presented two papers in the Learning Preferences or Rankings session. Blog post on https://preferred.ai/ijcai18/ 
2018-07-10: Visited the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK on the Erasmus+ program. Gave an ILCC seminar on "Representation Learning for Subjective Expressions of Preferences". 
2018-07-01: Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. 
2018-07-01: Appointed Director of the BSc (Computer Science) Programme. 
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Last updated in October 2018.