Hady W. Lauw
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Singapore Management University

Email: hadywlauw [at] smu.edu.sg

Research Interest: data mining for the Web and social media


2014-12-15: Attended ICDM'14 in Shenzhen. 
2014-11-07: Paper accepted at VLDB'15, titled "Mining Revenue-Maximizing Bundling Configuration". 
2014-11-04: Attended CIKM'14 in Shanghai. 
2014-10-24: Paper accepted at WSDM'15, titled "Review Synthesis for Micro-Review Summarization". 
2014-09-21: Invited as PC Member for WWW'15, Web Mining Track.  
2014-09-20: Paper accepted at ICDM'14, titled "Probabilistic Latent Document Network Embedding". 
2014-08-24: Attended KDD'14 in New York City. 
2014-08-22: Journal paper accepted to appear in TKDE, titled "Review Selection Using Micro-Reviews". 
2014-08-18: Computational Thinking is gaining awareness in SMU. A quarter of the new term's enrolment are from Business, Accountancy, Economics, and Social Sciences. 
2014-08-09: Paper accepted at CIKM'14, titled "Generative Modeling of Entity Comparisons in Text". 
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Last updated on November 2014.