Hady W. Lauw
SMU School of Information Systems
Associate Professor
Director, BSc (Computer Science) Programme
NRF Fellow, Singapore National Research Foundation

Email: hadywlauw@smu.edu.sg
Online Presence:
 DBLP, Google Scholar, LinkedIn

Research Interests:

  • Web mining
  • Preference learning and recommender systems

Get Involved:

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  • If you are an undergraduate of any school at SMU, take the Computational Thinking course
  • If you are a postgraduate student interested in research, take the Machine Learning course
  • If you are finishing junior college, high school or polytechnic, apply to our Computer Science programme
  • If you are a data science professional, educator, or aspirant, take part in the activities of KDD.SG
What's New
2019-12-30: Invited as PC member for KDD'20 (Applied Data Science Track). 
2019-12-11: Visited Hanoi University of Science and Technology, talk titled “Representation Learning for Expressions of Preferences” 
2019-12-10: Visited VinAI Research in Hanoi, talk titled “Towards AI-Aided Decision Making: Preference Learning and Recommendations from Multimodal Data”. 
2019-12-09: VIsited VNU Hanoi, University of Engineering and Technology, talk titled “Preference Learning from Multimodal Data”. 
2019-12-08: Visited VNU Ho Chi Minh University of Science, talk titled “ Towards End-To-End Multi-Modal Recommendation Framework”. 
2019-11-22: Invited talk at MOE Gifted Education Annual Conference 2019, titled: "Computational Thinking: Indispensable Skills for A Smart Nation". 
2019-11-11: Paper accepted at AAAI-20, titled “Topic Modeling on Document Networks with Adjacent-Encoder" 
2019-11-11: Paper accepted at AAAI-20, titled “Stochastically Robust Personalized Ranking for LSH Recommendation Retrieval" 
2019-10-23: Invited as Senior PC member for IJCAI'20. 
2019-10-21: Invited talk at Singtel Learning Fiesta, titled: "Getting to Know You Better: Machine Learning for Preferences and Recommendations". 
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Last updated in January 2020