Hady W. Lauw
Singapore Management University
Assistant Professor 
of Information Systems
National Research Foundation Fellow

Email: hadywlauw@smu.edu.sg

Research Interests:

  • Web search and mining
  • Preference analytics and recommender systems
  • Dimensionality reduction and visual analytics


  • We are hiring Research Fellows (Postdocs) and Research Engineers/Research Assistants.
  • If you are interested in working with me in our PhD program, drop me an email.
  • If you are an undergraduate of any school at SMU, consider taking Computational Thinking.
2018-04-17: Attending the Software Product Summit - the ISPMA Conference in Frankfurt. 
2018-04-16: Paper accepted at IJCAI'18, titled "Modeling Contemporaneous Basket Sequences with Twin Networks for Next-Item Recommendation". 
2018-04-16: Paper accepted at IJCAI'18, titled "A Bayesian Latent Variable Model of User Preferences with Item Context". 
2018-03-14: Invited as PC Member for CIKM'18, Short Paper Track. 
2018-03-02 to 06: Visited ITMO University, PDMI Computer Science Club, and St. Petersburg Academic University in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 
2018-02-26 to 27: Visited MIPT, Sberbank AI Lab, and Avito Data Science Meetup in Moscow, Russia. 
2018-02-18: My commentary on computational thinking appeared on Channel News Asia http://bit.ly/2CtWdSM 
2018-02-02: Invited to Google Faculty Learning Summit. 
2017-12-07: Invited as PC Member for ICWSM'18. 
2017-11-08: Our demo SemVis for semantic visualization was one of the five Nominees for Best Demo Award at CIKM17. 
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Last updated in April 2018.