Hady W. Lauw
Singapore Management University
Assistant Professor 
of Information Systems
National Research Foundation Fellow

Email: hadywlauw@smu.edu.sg

Research Interests:

  • Web search and mining
  • Preference analytics and recommender systems
  • Dimensionality reduction and visual analytics


  • We are hiring Research Fellows (Postdocs) and Research Engineers/Research Assistants.
  • If you are interested in working with me in our PhD program, drop me an email.
  • If you are an undergraduate of any school at SMU, consider taking Computational Thinking.
2018-06-13: Invited as PC Member for ICDM'18. 
2018-06-09: Delivered a KDD.SG tutorial, together with my PhD student Tuan Truong, on "Image Classification Using CNNs with Applications to Facial Expression Recognition and Visual Sentiment Analysis". 
2018-06-07: Presented a talk on "Modeling Preferences from Multi-Modal Data: A Deep Learning Exploration" at the SDSC x DSSG Data Science Meetup jointly organized by Singapore Data Science Consortium and Data Science SG. 
2018-05-26: Presented a lightning talk on "Preferences and Recommendations from Data & AI" at the Vision of AI Futures Workshop organized by AI.SG. 
2018-05-24: Panel judge for Singapore International Mathematics Challenge (SIMC) 2018 organized by NUS High School of Math and Science. 
2018-05-16: Paper accepted at UAI’18, titled “Probabilistic Collaborative Representation Learning for Personalized Item Recommendation”. 
2018-05-16: Congratulations to my PhD student, Nguyen Thanh Son, for successfully defending his dissertation. 
2018-05-09: Elevated to IEEE Senior Membership. 
2018-04-21: Paper accepted at ACL’18, titled “Searching for the X-Factor: Exploring Corpus Subjectivity for Word Embeddings”. 
2018-04-17: Attended the Software Product Summit - the ISPMA Conference in Frankfurt. 
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Last updated in April 2018.