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We are growing, and always on the lookout for bright, dedicated, and nice individuals to become a part of us.  There are various ways to get involved: PhD students, Postdocs, Engineers, Interns, Research Students (undergraduates/masters).  More about the various positions at the bottom of this page.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Join Preferred.AI
  1. We publish.
    We hold ourselves to a high standard. Our publications appear in the top-tier conferences and journals.
    You will aim high.

  2. We achieve.
    We do quite a bit.  The group leader Hady Lauw is a NRF Fellow of Singapore's National Research Foundation.  Our PhD candidates have been winning SMU Presidential Doctoral Fellowships for the past five years.
    You will get things done.

  3. We seek impact.
    We develop useful libraries and learning materials, teach others, and present our work.
    You will matter.

  4. We are equipped.
    We have resources: CPU servers, GPU servers, interesting datasets, <insert what you need here>.
    You will have what you need to pursue high-quality research.

  5. We plan ahead.
    We work with our members to chart the future together.  Our graduates have gone on to postdocs and research positions in well-known institutions in USA, China, Singapore, <insert where you want to eventually go here>.
    You will dream big, and we will work hard together towards it.

  6. We pay.
    PhD students get tax-free scholarships.  Most other positions are paid competitive salaries, and Singapore tax system is low.
    You will have enough.

  7. We play.
    We are a dynamic, close-knit group, who work and play together.
    You will have fun.

  8. We are diverse.
    Our members come from all over the world: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Russia, France, Algeria, <insert your country here>.
    You will fit in.

  9. We are up-and-coming.
    The objective, publication-based places SMU at #29 in the world (Oct'18) , when we consider specifically the five sub-areas that our group publish in, namely: AI, ML & Mining, NLP, Web & IR, DB.  That is no mean feat for a school as young as SMU.  In fact, no younger school places higher.
    You will grow along with us.

  10. We do what’s right.
    We do the right things and get them right.  We get the right people and do right by them.
    You will make the right choice.
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A competitive Postdoc candidate has a PhD degree with a promising academic record. Topics considered particularly relevant include: probabilistic graphical modeling, deep learning, topic modeling, recommender systems, dimensionality reduction, similarity search, text mining, and information extraction.  A strong background in other data mining and machine learning topics will also be considered.

A competitive PhD student or Research Engineer candidate has a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Computer Science or a closely-related discipline with high academic standing.  He or she is competent in programming and data management, with knowledge of data mining and machine learning concepts.  Past experience, as well as future interest, in research is a plus.

A competitive Intern or Research Student candidate is someone currently still enrolled in a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree in Computer Science or a closely-related discipline with high academic standing. He or she is competent in programming, with interest and/or experience in data mining or machine learning research.